Payments & Returns

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and most bank and debit cards including ComData.

We will accept a personal check if the following requirements are met:

1. Check is from previous customer
2. Check is from State of Indiana
3. Check amount is less than $500
4. Customer presents valid State ID at time of payment

*Please note that Pro Motor reserves the right to decline a check payment for any reason

All labor is subject to a 90 day warranty unless otherwise specified at time of service.

Parts are subject to manufacturer’s warranty period and may have to be sent in for inspection. Credit to customer will be issued once Pro Motor receives credit from manufacturer.

Electrical products will not be returnable unless manufacturer deems product to be defective.

Installed parts or products with damaged or missing packaging may be denied or charged a repacking fee.

All vehicles, machine work, or parts must be paid in full before Pro Motor will release items to customer. Vehicles or machine work left at our facility more than 30 days is subject to storage fees. Pro Motor reserves the right to have impounded any vehicle left over 30 days and believed to be abandoned.